Netherlands and Ecuador draw Expel Qatar out of the World Cup

With the score tied, the Netherlands and Ecuador each earned a point, moving up to four points in Group A. Qatar are left with 0 points after 3-1 loss to Senegal hours earlier.

Ecuador dominated the majority of the game after Cody Gakpo fired a rising shot from the edge of the box to put the Netherlands ahead in the sixth minute. Ecuador equalized when Valencia put the ball into the empty goal after goalkeeper Andries Noppelt blocked Pervis his Estupiñán’s shot.

Nearly everyone in the Ecuadorian team celebrated the goal with an inspiring captain. Kneeling in a circle at the Khalifa International Stadium, facing the night sky, created a strong image of unity.
A few minutes later, Gonzalo’s prata left-footed the Dutch bar and Ecuador nearly came out victorious.

Ecuador can advance to a draw with Senegal on Tuesday. The Netherlands will face Qatar.

Ecuador may have to do without Valencia. He was carried off the field in the 90th minute. He was able to get up and onto a bench with an ice bag attached to his right leg.

Cody of the Netherlands celebrates with his teammates after scoring his team’s first goal during a World Cup Group A football match between the Netherlands and Ecuador at the Khalifa International Stadium in Doha, Qatar, Friday 25 November 2022. There is Gakpo (Center). (AP Photo/Martin Meissner)
After the Dutch effectively managed the lead in the first half without trying to score an extra goal, the Ecuadorian players were angry that a potential injury-time equalizer was not allowed.

When Estupiñán deflected the ball into the net through a crowded goal, he was ruled offside the goalkeeper for Jackson Porozo’s first shot and the verdict was that Noppert’s view was blocked. Estupinyan was again involved in a valid goal. This benefited from choppy play by the Dutch defense after they almost won the ball when Noppelt cleared it weakly.

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